The fifth release in our Brewers’ Series is Double Vision Doppelbock aged ten months in 7-year-old bourbon barrels. Double Vision Doppelbock is one of our favorite beers and since we only brew it every few years, we knew we had to do something special. We took our 2016 release of Double Vision and filled more than 30 bourbon casks with this already-dark and rich elixir to create a complex, velvety-smooth beer.

After extensive lagering, the bourbon casks were filled and stored cold for an even longer time, resulting in the marriage of smooth bourbon character and round Doppelbock flavor. Double Vision boasts cocoa, dark fruits, chocolate and subtle coffee notes from the heavy dark and roasted malt bill. When the coconut, vanilla, oak and residual bourbon flavor from the casks meld with the beer it is a combination of flavors like none other.

A strong beer, full of flavors and aromas hidden deep within its many layers, make it the ideal candidate to sip slowly as the beer’s temperature rises. For the full experience, pour this beer into a snifter, tulip or wine glass and hold it in the palm of your hand to help warm the beer, releasing all the hidden flavors and aromas.

Enjoy this beer with dessert. We recommend cream puff pastries, double chocolate cake, or chocolate banana bread full of walnuts. For dinner, pair it with stews made with dark beer or a coffee-rubbed steak grilled to perfection. Here in Teton Valley, many homes are equipped with a fireplace or woodstove and that is where we are excited to enjoy this beer during the cold winter months.


Katie Taylor

On behalf of the Grand Teton Brewing Team