In the days before refrigeration, brewing in the warm spring or summer months proved difficult to protect against spoilage. March was an important time to brew a large supply for the busy summer months ahead. In response, Märzen beers were developed. These relatively high gravity lager beers could be stored safely away in cool cellars or caves to slowly ferment over the next couple months.

At the end of the summer, when the new brewing season began, any beer left in storage was ceremoniously consumed. The pouring of the special Märzen coincided with the fall harvest festival, making for one big party. The traditional German Märzen is a medium-strong, reddish amber lager, with a malty body and aroma. It has been lagered, or conditioned, an unusually long time.

Our Märzen style lager is brewed in early spring and then spends several months in cold isolation (called lagering). This prolonged storing makes our Fest Bier incredibly smooth and drinkable. Brewed in true Munich style, using traditional German malts and German hops, this beer is light amber in color with an incredible malt and hop balance. This beer is hands down one of our favorites at Grand Teton Brewing.

As one would expect, Fest Bier’s mildly sweet flavors are the perfect accompaniment to German foods—weisswurst and sweet mustard, roast chicken, turkey legs or pork. Its delicate maltiness and light hopping complement even the mildest of shellfish, and it will even work with salads.  

Fest Bier is available on August 1st in 1/2 & 1/6 bbl kegs.


Malts: Idaho 2-Row Pale Malted Barley, Vienna and select Munich malts
Hops: German Tradition, Polaris and Hallertau Blanc
Original Gravity (Plato): 14.0°
International Bittering Units: 24
Alcohol by Volume: 6.0%
Lovibond: 12