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Paradise Pilsner (2006)


Pilsner is the world’s most popular style of beer. It was invented in Czech Bohemia, perfected in Germany, and watered down and mass-produced in America. Unfortunately, most beer drinkers in this country are familiar only with the fizzy yellow stuff marketed so heavily by the big American brewers.

By definition, a pilsner is simply a golden lager, but the true pilsner reflects its Bohemian origins in its strength, malt character and, most importantly, the balancing dryness and bouquet of its hops. The Imperial designation indicates a much stronger and, usually, hoppier version.

The beer you hold in your hands is as different from watery mass-market thirst-quenchers as fine filet mignon is from fast-food burger. This is a huge, flavorful beer, packed with sweet malt and spicy hops, sharing only its pale color and Bohemian roots with its weak American cousins.

We brewed Paradise Pilsner with massive amounts of German Pilsner malt and more than two pounds per barrel of U.S.Vanguard hops, an American version of the noble German Hallertau Mittelfruh. It was fermented with lager yeast from a Bavarian monastery brewery, then dry-hopped with another pound per barrel of Vanguards. To maximize flavor, we chose not to filter the beer, keeping it in the German kellerbier (cellar beer) style.

The result is pale and smooth, slightly cloudy with yeast. The flavor is clean, complex and malty, balanced with plenty of hop bitterness and fine hop aroma, with a pleasant warming sensation caused by the higher alcohol content.

Drink this fine strong lager in moderation, paired with any flavorful food. Try it with Thai, Indian, Chinese, or Mexican cuisine, as the spiciness of the hops will complement the food’s, and the carbonation will cut through the oils and refresh the palate. Alcohol by volume 8.26%.