Grand Teton American Sour 2014 was the first Brewers’ Series barrel-aged beer offered for sale by Grand Teton Brewing in June 2015. After a successful launch, we released two more barrel-aged beers in bottles. Now, we are proud to make American Sour 2015 our fourth offering of these acclaimed beers and our second release of American Sour. Highly positive reviews, a rapid depletion of our inventory and two national medals validate our plan to annually offer American Sour.

This year we added oats to improve mouthfeel. This addition also produces complex sugars for the ‘team’ of wild yeasts and bacteria living in our oak barrels to consume and convert into highly complex flavors and aromatics.

We initially fermented this beer with our house ale yeast, and upon the completion of primary fermentation we transferred the beer to oak barrels. In order to continue producing unique American Sour style ales, we have expanded our
oak barrel fleet, inoculating many with rare and exotic strains of Lactobacillus, Brettanomyces, and Pediococcus.

For American Sour 2015, we hand-selected each barrel for blending to create a truly one of a kind Grand Teton Brewing sour beer. By aging this sour ale in a wide range of barrels, we know we selected and blended the highest quality beer.

Like all of our sour beers in the Brewers’ Series, we expect this beer to robustly stand the tests of time. American Sour 2015 should continue to develop its sour characteristics if stored properly.

Kathleen Hanson

On behalf of the Grand Teton Brewing Team