bottle Dark Sour is the 8th bottle release in our critically acclaimed Brewers’ Series. We started with one of our favorite beers, Double Vision Doppelbock, and put it into a combination of rum, whiskey, and wine casks. Unlike our traditional Double Vision, we allowed the beer to ferment with Brettanomyces drei which added rich, earthy characteristics.

The beer aged for a little over a year, giving the casks time to contribute flavors from their original spirits. Once the beer had aged to maturity, we added a half pound of black currants per gallon to the casks. We chose black currants, with their rich berry flavor and acidic bite, to complement the stone fruit flavors from the Brettanomyces drei. The combination gives the beer a rich and deep complexity with a nice, smooth finish.

Enjoy Dark Sour with rich foods. A meat and cheese plate featuring aged sharp cheddar, or a softer cheese such as brie, and genoa salami pair well with the fruit and acidity present in the beer. The roasted malts present in Dark Sour also pair well with pan seared steak or freshly caught fish with lemon.

Like all of the releases in our Brewers’ Series, Dark Sour can be enjoyed fresh or aged, allowing the beer to develop more robust and complex flavors.


Ben Nelson

On behalf of the Grand Teton Brewing Team