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Our Third release in the Brewers’ Series is a traditional Belgian-Style Saison: Farmhouse, an ale aged in red wine barrels. We brewed a Saison using traditional malts and hops. This beer was fermented extremely warm, which allowed the yeast to produce unique aromas and flavors directly contributing to the complexity of this beer.

Once fermentation was complete, we allowed the beer to sit at near freezing temperatures for one month. This allowed the yeast to naturally settle out of the beer and for the alcohol flavors to mellow instead of overpowering the distinct aromas and flavors produced by the yeast.

Once the beer was free of suspended yeast, we transferred the beer into red wine barrels. The beer took on lots of dark and stone fruit flavors during its residency in the barrels. After even longer aging in the barrels, the beer developed unique and traditional farmhouse flavors and aromas; funky and earthy.

While this beer would have been wonderful to package as is, we wanted to make it even more remarkable. At bottling, as we do with almost all Grand Teton beers, we added in some fresh yeast. But unlike our traditional ale yeast used in the majority of our beers, we chose Brettanomyces bruxellensis (Brett). Our hope is this beer will continue to develop long after it has left our brewery and by adding this strain of Brett we hope it produces delicate tropical fruit flavors and aromas and even more pronounced funky and earthy traits.

Enjoy this beer fresh, for the full ‘fresh from the barrel’ experience or allow it to age for months or years to come to allow the Brett profile to develop.


Curtis Rohrbaugh

On behalf of the Grand Teton Brewing Team