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Our Craft Sodas

RB Soda C Soda

We have been making award-winning sodas since 2003 at the base of the Teton Mountains in scenic Teton Valley, Idaho. Our non-alcoholic sodas are kettle brewed to the same quality standards you’ve come to know and love from Grand Teton Brewing Company.

In the summer of 2011 we released our Kettle Brewed Soda line. Keep an eye out for our delicious sodas in a store near you or if you happen to be in Victor, swing by the brewery for a 4-pack or a few samples!


RB Soda Btl


Root Beer
The same recipe you've come to know and love in Old Faithful Root Beer, our kettle brewed root beer is a true classic. We brew this root beer with only the finest ingredients including pure Teton mountain spring water, 100% cane sugar, sassafras, vanilla, and just a hint of wintergreen. This refreshing blend is sure to satisfy even the most demanding root beer enthusiasts. It also makes a great root beer float!





CSoda Btl



Cream Soda
Vanilla anyone? Our Cream Soda is packed to the rim with a variety of different styles of vanilla and brewed with pure Teton mountain spring water and 100% cane sugar. A classic recipe with a light body and full flavor, this cream soda will surely remind you of what it's like to be a kid again!




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Old Faithful Series

(available in Yellowstone National Park)

Ginger Ale 4 pack Root Beer 4 pack
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Root Beer

Old Faithful Root Beer
Our Old Faithful Root Beer is a hand-crafted, traditional old-style soda, naturally brewed straight from our family to yours. We get our bold, refreshing taste from pure cane sugar, sassafras, vanilla, and a hint of wintergreen. We hope you'll agree Old Faithful is the root beer you can depend on.

2006 - Gold Medal - Carbonated Sodas
North American Brewers Asssociation
2006 - Saratoga Steinley Cup



Ginger AleOld Faithful Ginger Ale
If you're looking for the most refreshing, tastiest ginger ale in the West, then look no further: you've found it! Old Faithful Ginger Ale is naturally brewed with pure cane sugar and flavored with just the right amount of zesty ginger. We hope you'll agree it's the most flavorful ginger ale this side of the Mississippi!

2006 - Bronze Medal - Carbonated Soda
North American Brewers Association



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