Past Cellar Reserve Releases
"Big Beers in a Big Bottle"
(No longer available)

Beers that are brewed to be a part of our Cellar Reserves are one time releases that are brewed with specialty hops and malts and unique strains of yeast. The brewing and fermentation period can be as long as 8 months for each of these specialty brews. These beers are released in big beautiful 750 mL bottles. Bottle conditioning produces natural carbonation and helps protect the beer from oxidation, extending shelf life. Proper aging of these bottles creates beers to be cherished.


Double Vision Doppelbock
Coming Home Holiday Ale 2016

5 O'Clock Shadow
Sour Grand Saison
Black Cauldron Imperial Stout

Lazy Marmot Maibock
Splash Down Belgian-Style Golden Ale
Sheep Eater Scotch Ale
Coming Home 2014 Holiday Ale

Double Vision Dopplebock
Oud Bruin Belgian-Style Ale
Bone Warmer Imperial Amber Ale
Coming Home 2013 Holiday Ale

5 O'Clock Shadow (2012)
Snarling Badger Berliner Weisse (2012)
XX Bitch Creek ESB (2012)
Coming Home 2012

Persephone Imperial Pilsner
The Grand Saison Farmhouse Ale
Coming Home 2011 Belgian Golden Ale

Tail Waggin' Double White
Trout Hop Black IPA
Coming Home Holiday Ale

Double Vision Doppelbock
Howling Wolf Weizenbock
Pursuit of Hoppiness American Red
Sheep Eater Scotch Ale

XX Sweetgrass
XX Mountainberry
XX Au Naturale Red
XX Bitch Creek

Mammoth Maibock
Oud Bruin Belgian Style Ale
Bone Warmer Amber Ale
Black Cauldron Imperial Stout

Paradise Pilsner (2006)

Double IPA (2005)
Scotch Ale (2005)

Huckleberry Wheat
Workhorse Wheat
Au Naturale Organic