Grand Teton BrewingGrand Teton Brewing is committed to crafting only the highest quality ales and lagers. We take measures at every point in our brewing, packaging and shipping process to ensure that we deliver only the best beers to you. Our Quality Manager performs multiple tests of every batch at every stage and conducts daily tastings of our finished brews to guarantee that only the best possible beers make the journey from our brewery to your glass.

We believe that Teton Valley, Idaho is the best place on earth to craft beer. Our water is glacial run-off, filtered over 300-500 years by Teton Mountain granite and limestone before it surfaces at a spring a half mile from the brewery. Teton Valley grows the world’s best malting barley, and Southern Idaho includes some of the finest hop farms in the world.


Grand Teton BrewingSince its founding in 1988, Grand Teton Brewing has been a proud supporter of charitable causes in both Teton Valley, Idaho and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Our donations of beer, merchandise, employees’ time and even our facility have helped local non-profits raise money to enhance the well being of the people in our community. As a company, we take pride in our community involvement.

If you would like to request a donation from Grand Teton Brewing please email beermail@grandtetonbrewing.com at least three weeks prior to your event to inquire about opportunities.

Click here to download the Idaho Beer and Wine Permit for benevolent, charitable and public purposes permit.